Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd Mix – Everything you Need to Know [2023]

Australian shepherd mix are a very popular breed, ranking 17th out of 193 breeds in popularity according to the American Kennel Club. This energetic and vivacious canine is also quite beautiful, with its rainbow coat markings and eye colors. Their sociable and loyal personality, as well as their head-turning attractive looks, have made them a highly sought-after breed for crossbreeding with other purebred canines.

What is an Australian shepherd mix?

The Australian shepherd mix is outgoing, affectionate, family-oriented, and exceedingly social. Australian shepherd mix are also quite energetic, which necessitates a very busy family. If your pup is an Australian shepherd mix, you’ll need to be prepared to deal with that bundle of energy and everything that comes with it. Puppies of this breed frequently have magnificent blue eyes and a variety of coat colors, including merle, black, white, and tan. When crossed with other breeds, you can also obtain a variety of various colors, including brindle.

Today’s essay will examine twenty distinct designer breeds of Australian shepherd mix with another famous breed to achieve an entirely new level of attractiveness!

Australian Shepherd Mix Quick Facts
Dog Type Smart & Energetic
Average Height 46 – 48 cm
Average Weight 40 – 80 lbs
Coat Type Rainbow Coat
Colors Black and White, Grey, Red and Red Tricolor
Grooming Needs Highly Needed
Trainability Sharp to Train
Average Life 10 to 14 years
Family Compatible Yes

Australian shepherd mix types

Australian shepherd husky mix

The self-sufficient Australian shepherd husky mix or Ausky is a cross between the imposing Siberian Husky and the sociable Australian Shepherd. This is an expressive pup who howls, sings, and whines – an endearing trait inherited from the Husky. While this is amusing, one should consider the ramifications of encouraging this behavior, as it can be extremely difficult to suppress once the Australian Shepherd becomes accustomed to vocalizing.

The Ausky is a strong athlete, and training them requires a skilled and confident handler. This medium-sized canine has a double coat that can be either parent’s or the other parent’s color. Any prospective Ausky adopter should consider the breed’s seemingly limitless endurance and inquisitive nature, as well as their willingness to provide the breed with the appropriate amount of stimulation.


The Aussiedor is a sweet and devoted family companion who is certain to steal your family’s hearts. This medium-sized canine typically weighs between 40 and 80 pounds and possesses an abundance of brains and a larger heart. As is the case with many Labradors, the Aussiedor can be sluggish to develop, which means you may have a puppy-like dog far into adulthood.

Once mature, the Lab’s easygoing demeanor can help to calm an Australian’s high-strung nature. However, you’re likely to end up with an extremely active breed. The Aussiedor requires frequent exercise and is particularly fond of participatory games such as fetch with their family.

German shepherd Australian shepherd mix

The gorgeous German shepherd Australian shepherd mix or Aussie German is the result of a cross between an Australian and German Shepherds. This agile and muscular breed thrives in homes with a wide fenced yard and a committed owner willing to meet the breed’s vigorous activity and grooming requirements. The Australian shepherd lab mix, like many of the other breeds on our list, is a high-energy puppy with a strong desire to constantly work and move.

This is not a breed that can be kept indoors for extended periods of time or in cramped conditions. If the Aussie German is left alone without adequate opportunities for activity, this huge, robust breed is liable to become frustrated and take out their frustrations on your home and furniture in damaging ways. However, if you are persistent in stimulating this mix psychologically and physically on a regular basis, Australian shepherd lab mix will repay you with unending loyalty and affection.


The Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier combination sometimes referred to as a Baussie, is a boisterous and active puppy that requires a great deal of care and energy from its family. Many of the breeds on this list will be similarly high-maintenance, but the Baussie in particular is a dog who would be pleased with an endless supply of playing. This is a less common Boston Terrier hybrid, but one that is gaining popularity as people appreciate the benefits of both breeds.

This blend craves attention and needs to feel a sense of belonging. They dislike being left alone and may see this as neglectful. They thrive as adventure companions for an active and loving owner who is eager to accompany them everywhere they go.


Auberman’s protective and graceful demeanor is certain to attract attention. This cross between the dedicated and energetic Australian Shepherd and the regal and loyal Doberman Pincher is expected to produce dogs that are both exceptionally athletic and fiercely loyal. These characteristics combine to create the Auberman the ideal guard dog, and this pup is not afraid to defend its flock.

It is critical, however, that these instincts are trained and handled by a strong leader to ensure that the Auberman does not act aggressively against friendly visitors or strangers. Extensive socialization, exposure to new situations, physical activity, and gentle but rigorous training can all contribute to a well-adjusted and well-behaved Auberman.

Eskimo of Australia

This fluffy canine typically weighs between 30 and 60 pounds and can have the all-white coat of their American Eskimo parent or the Australian Shepherd’s characteristic markings. In either case, this lovely dog is as high-maintenance as they are attractive, requiring daily combing.

The American Askimo is renowned for its friendliness and playfulness, while the Australian Shepherd is lauded for its work ethic and loyalty. With the American Eskimo, you’re likely to receive a mix of both personalities, which is fantastic news! This adaptable species thrives in both cold and hot regions, provided they have the space to roam, explore, and stretch their legs!


A Sheagle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Beagle. This group is as active as they are intelligent, and they are quite intelligent. Due of this great intelligence, the Sheagle is prone to mischief if not provided with sufficient mental activities and limitations. If you can keep up with this vivacious and fun mix, they will ensure that your life remains exciting!

The Sheagle is an excellent choice for families, particularly those with young children. The Sheagle desires nothing more than to be a continuous playmate and companion, an ideal match for children who occasionally appear to have an infinite supply of energy. Due to their Beagle genes, this youngster is likely to have a high prey drive. As a result, a Sheagle should be kept on a leash when out on walks.


While the Aussiekita is a unique breed, it is not for everyone. This breed, which is a remarkable cross between the huge Akita and the lively Australian Shepherd, should only be considered by those who have the space and energy to care for such a difficult breed. When provided with the appropriate environment, training, and activity, the Aussiekita will prove to be an incredibly devoted friend. If you neglect these responsibilities, the Aussiekita is likely to become rebellious, destructive, and even aggressive.

The Aussiekita thrives in a habitat that allows it to extend its legs, explore its surroundings, and expend surplus energy. They are better suited to homes with a large yard, and should never be kept in an apartment or tiny home. If you are contemplating getting an Aussiekita, you should be an active family who appreciates a variety of different types of exercise and is willing to take this breed on numerous outdoor activities.

Final Remarks

Not only does the Australian Shepherd have a good attitude, but they also add a lot of beauty to the breeds with which they are crossed. Adopters considering an Australian Shepherd mix, on the other hand, should be prepared to provide adequate mental stimulation and physical activity. Particularly when mated with other herding breeds. We are aware that these requirements mean they may not be the ideal dog for everyone. However, if you are energetic, dedicated, and responsible, you may just earn a spot in the heart of one of these incredible Australian hybrids!


What to know about Border collie Australian shepherd mix?

Due to the parental breeds’ wide variety of coat colors, Border collie Australian shepherd mix have offsprings that may exhibit a similar range of shades. Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mixes come in a variety of colors including black and white, grey, red, red tricolor, red merle, blue merle, and sable.
Aussie Borders may or may not have tan or white markings, as they can inherit one or both parents’ coat colors. Additionally, they can be spotted, brindled, or speckled.

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