May 25, 2022
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Dog Training – Boston Terrier Training Information with Pictures

The Boston Terrier is a highly bright and trainable breed. Discover the Boston Terrier training techniques for how to get the most out of your small learner.

Boston Terriers, dubbed the “American Gentleman” due to their appearance and pleasant demeanour, not only look spiffy and courteous in their elegant, tuxedo-like coats, but they also have the temperament and disposition to match. These little, compact dogs are a true American breed, having originated in the city for which they are called. The breed is extremely intelligent and responds well to positive reinforcement techniques of training.

We’ll look at the greatest training recommendations for Boston Terriers in this article. So, let’s get into the article to know all the Boston Terrier training tips!

How to Train a Boston Terrier?


Boston Terrier Training


Boston Terrier puppy training is a time-consuming process that takes commitment and an understanding of how to properly manage a puppy. There are numerous types of Boston Terrier training techniques that you should provide for your canine buddy.

Boston Terrier Training: Crate Training 

At first, your Boston Terrier may be apprehensive to enter the crate. To entice him into the crate, lay some food kibbles or dog biscuits inside. You may choose to draw him inside in stages: at mealtime, place his food bowl just outside the crate, then at the doorway, and finally in the crate’s back.

When your Boston Terrier enters the crate independently, lavish him with verbal praise and even a treat. The more positive reinforcement he receives from you, the more he will associate being inside the crate with being happy.

Initially, during Boston Terrier training, it may be beneficial to leave the crate door open, allowing him to enter whenever he pleases.

Consider adding a vocal cue, such as ‘kennel,’ as your Boston Terrier becomes more accustomed to entering the crate. When he enters following your direction, immediately reward him with a treat and verbal praise.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to your Boston Terrier training. It may take some time for him to independently enter the crate. Pace yourself according to his needs.

Once your Boston Terrier is able to enter the crate independently, begin closing the door and leaving him inside. Close the door for a few seconds to calm him down (if necessary), then reopen it and offer him a treat and vocal praise. After that, you can practice closing the door, exiting the room, and returning at random time intervals.

Boston Terrier Training: Potty Education

When potty training your Boston Terrier, you need to observe his bathroom habits. Choose a bathroom spot for your puppy and take him there to poop. Take him to that spot often especially, during those times when he is most likely to poop such as after waking up, mealtime, and playtime or, within every hour.

You can take him back after 15 minutes if your Boston Terrier doesn’t use the potty when you take him there so that he can try again. This is a little time-consuming but over time, you will observe the signs he gives you when he wants to use the toilet. Give rewards for positive reinforcement of this good toilet habit. 

Remember, your doggo wants to please you so, hearing your praise will let him know that he’s doing the right thing. Use a cue word like “Go potty!”  when you take him out to his spot like and when he relieves himself upon your command, praise him, give him treats, or shower him with affection to reinforce his good potty habit, which will help you to save your time later on so that he knows what he needs to do when you take him to poop. Boston Terriers are quick learners which makes the Boston Terrier training process quite easy. Just be consistent and calm all throughout the process of Boston terrier potty training to have a potty-trained dog.

Boston Terrier Training: Housetraining

Begin housebreaking as soon as feasible. The sooner you can begin teaching your Boston Terrier in the house, the better. Fortunately, Boston Terriers are generally fairly tidy dogs, which means that your Boston Terrier will probably avoid making a mess in your home.

Establish and adhere to a consistent restroom schedule. Boston Terriers thrive on consistency. With a consistent bathroom schedule, your Boston Terrier will understand when it is time to go. Take your puppy outside after his first meal of the day and whenever he awakens after a long snooze.

Additionally, after drinking water and playing, you should take your Boston Terrier out.

Bear in mind that a puppy’s bladder may be held for approximately one hour per month of age, up to a maximum of 12 months.

While adult Boston Terriers may not require as frequent elimination as pups, they should still be on a consistent potty routine.

Because Boston Terriers are people-oriented, your own Boston Terrier will appreciate your praise when he goes outside to use the restroom. After he finishes eliminating, lavish him with verbal praise ‘Good guy!’ or ‘Good job!’. Additionally, you may give him a small piece of a delectable delicacy.

Establishing Basic Commands for Boston Terrier Puppy Training

Boston Terrier Training: Phase I

Teach one command at a time to your Boston Terrier. While your Boston Terrier is a very clever dog, he may become confused if you attempt to teach him many instructions at the same time. He may also grow disappointed and wish to discontinue training if he becomes confused. It is preferable for him to grasp one command entirely before going on to the next.

Sit, remain, and heel are all fundamental instructions.

Enrolling your Boston Terrier in an obedience class might assist you in teaching these fundamental instructions to your dog. Request referrals for reputable obedience classes from your veterinarian or other dog owners.

Limit the number of times each command is repeated. It may only take a few trials for your Boston Terrier to master a particular command. If that is the case, proceed to the following command. Because Boston Terriers can grow disheartened if they are required to perform the same task repeatedly, cease teaching a command after your Boston Terrier has mastered it.

Boston Terrier Training: Phase II

Maintain brief training sessions. Daily training will assist your Boston Terrier in quickly learning and mastering commands. However, due to dogs’ limited attention spans, training sessions should last no longer than approximately 10 minutes. You can have numerous training sessions in a day as long as they are brief and include adequate rest periods.

Utilize constructive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement that is consistent and fast is critical while teaching a Boston Terrier. Reward your Boston Terrier with a treat and vocal praise whenever he correctly responds to a command. Give the treat within about 2 to 4 seconds of his obeying the command, so he is aware of the reason for his reward.

Follow these when Boston Terrier training takes place:

  • Begin your Boston Terrier training in a monotonous atmosphere.
  • Pursue one objective at a time.
  • Use the same commands and gestures to communicate clearly.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule for your dog’s training sessions.
  • Every time, reward your Boston’s good behaviour with praise and/or a treat.
  • Conclude each session positively, so that your dog associates training with having fun with you!

Avoid training your dog for extended periods of time since dogs have limited attention spans, meaning they cannot focus for more than a few minutes at a time.

Reprimand your puppy for bad behaviour; he will not comprehend. This will only serve to discourage and aggravate him.

Haste is counterproductive. Take things slowly; each dog learns at his or her own rate. You should continue to be patient and consistent. Allow your puppy to master one command at a time and take breaks as needed.

Boston Terrier Training FAQs

Q. How to Train Boston Terrier not to Bark?

Boston Terriers can be stubborn at times, but they are not hard to train. So, teach your dog the “quiet” command. All you need to do is first ignore your dog while barking and wait for him to stop. As soon as he does it, say “quiet”. After that reward him with praise or a treat.

Q. Are Boston Terrier Training Difficult?

Bostons are highly intelligent, which makes training them very simple. While they may be difficult to housebreak, regular training will assist in eliminating dominance and fighting with other dogs. Due to the fact that Bostons are sensitive to the tone of a human voice, utilise firm but not harsh training methods.

Q. How Should one Care for a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Caring is vital for Boston Terrier Training. Brush her coat in a consistent manner, at least once a week. To avoid disease, keep her facial and tail-base folds clean and dry. Boston Terriers frequently have good teeth, which can be preserved by brushing them at least twice a week! Cleaning her ears on a weekly basis is suggested, even as a puppy.

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