May 25, 2022
Chihuahua Training

Dog Training – Chihuahua Training Information with Pictures 

Although Chihuahuas have been a popular breed for thousands of years – perhaps even longer – the most frequently asked question by new owners is how to teach a chihuahua. Chihuahua training should be done in a positive manner irrespective of their personality.

However, one fact that cannot be denied is that Chihuahuas are one of the world’s most popular breeds. Here, in this article, we will talk about the most important tips about Chihuahua training and the best way to train a Chihuahua puppy.

How to Train a Chihuahua?


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As the world’s tiniest breed, they are ideal pocket companions, especially once you learn the ways of Chihuahua training to perform adorable tricks!

Their popularity has increased even more during the last two decades, owing to the fact that numerous celebrities have created mini-me celebrities out of their mischievous Chihuahuas.

However, if you’re considering obtaining a Chihuahua, it’s critical to understand the breed’s training requirements in order to avoid dealing with some of the breed’s more typical complaints.

If you polled Chihuahua owners, dog trainers, and breeders, you may receive a variety of contradictory responses to the question, “Are Chihuahuas difficult to train?”

There are numerous Chihuahuas participating in competitive sports, performances, and films, demonstrating that they can be trained to sophisticated levels.

Additionally, many owners and trainers struggle with fundamental behavioural issues with their dogs. These small dogs have a reputation for being feisty, snappy, difficult to toilet train, and loud, according to some.

Thus, which reality exists?

Indeed, both. This is because individuals within the breed exhibit great variation. So, the best way to train a chihuahua puppy is by providing proper coaching and becoming the alpha leader.

Chihuahua Training- Creating Dog Rules

Well, for Chihuahua puppy training, it is critical that all family members utilise the same commands and tactics in order to avoid confusing the dog. For instance, if one person says “sit” while another says “down,” the dog will never internalise the command. Similarly, you must decide where your dog is permitted to roam within the house. All regulations should be applied uniformly to all dogs living in the same household.

Bear in mind that dogs are routine animals who require set schedules to maintain their inner stability. On the other hand, because the Chihuahua is a possessive and territorial breed, you must ensure that they have their own defined space. This area should be a peaceful place for your Chihuahua to eat, drink, sleep, and play. If this region is not designated, your Chihuahua will believe it has unrestricted access to the entire house and will again believe they are the herd leader.

Chihuahua Potty Training

Chihuahua potty training can be one of the most difficult parts of Chihuahua training. Whether you are a new Chihuahua owner or an experienced one, we all can agree that Chihuahuas are difficult to potty train. So here are some tips to put all your “How to potty train a Chihuahua?” queries to rest.

When you start Chihuahua training, your aim should be to build a routine around their toileting needs. You should always take your puppy out to the toilet once they wake up – and this goes for whenever they wake up from naps too. You should also take them out at night or before you are going to leave them alone for an extended period of time to prevent any accidents overnight. If they are new to training, it is best to start off taking them out every half-hour before building up to a whole hour.

Crates are an approved and effective method of toilet training your Chihuahua puppy at the beginning. It helps you to keep a closer eye for signs he needs to go and, most crucially, teaches the pup to hold it until they are let outside to go to the toilet. Make sure the crate is large enough for the puppy to stand, turn around and lie down but not large enough for them to defecate and urinate in.

Rectify Improper Behavior

When your Chihuahua violates established standards or conventions, do not scream or shout at them; simply say no in a firm voice. Ensure that you correct this term. If you do not correct your dog, she will repeat the behaviour. This can be accomplished by praising them when they exhibit appropriate conduct.

Chihuahua Training: Walking

It is critical to teach Chihuahua how to walk politely on a leash in public, which is one of the important forms of Chihuahua puppy training.

  • Due to the small size of your Chihuahua, some people discount the importance of training them to walk politely on a leash.
  • A comprehensive guide to leash training is available here.
  • One of our unique Chihuahua training methods is to place them on a table or bench and practice walking beside them.
  • Precautions should be taken to ensure their safety.
  • By attaching a target to the end of a stick, you may also train her to stay by your side without subjecting her to back-breaking training sessions.
  • Additionally, shuffle your feet quietly and smoothly to provide the least amount of movement and noise possible to avoid frightening them.

Chihuahua Training Socialization

Chihuahuas are canines who prefer to socialise with other dogs of their breed. As a result, if they are not properly socialised, they can become hostile towards other dogs. To avoid this, the socialisation process of a Chihuahua must begin at an early age.

During the puppy period, dogs are more receptive. This is the stage at which kids begin to form personalities and adopt a sequence of actions that we must assist them in guiding through positive reinforcement. If we want a dog that is happy, healthy, and balanced, we must begin training him at a young age. To properly socialise a Chihuahua, the following aspects must be considered.

When socialising a chihuahua during Chihuahua training, it is critical to ensure that the dog on the receiving end is a calm, well-educated, and quiet dog. A negative interaction might have lasting behavioural implications for a Chihuahua.

Do not be fooled by your Chihuahua’s size. Although Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed, they are fully capable of mingling with larger dogs. Denying their interactions with larger dogs will only cause a Chihuahua to assume an aggressive stance if confronted with an unfamiliar larger breed.

Prepare the initial dog meets in a pleasant location where your Chihuahua will feel secure and comfortable.

Chihuahua Training Conclusion

To begin Chihuahua training, it is critical to understand the temperamental traits of this breed. Chihuahuas are known for their strong and possessive personalities, and so are not bred to be submissive. Chihuahuas are also well-known for their natural leadership abilities. They are capricious, enthusiastic, intelligent, and extremely active, and are constantly eager to play with their owners and other dogs of their breed.

Given this, how should we undertake Chihuahua training properly?

We must have an authoritarian demeanour, without being violent, but always maintaining resoluteness. If we decide that we do not want our small friend to come up on the couch, we must stick to our guns and make no exceptions. Even if you are adamant about your decision, if your Chihuahua feels your insecurity, they will continue to believe they are the leader.

Allow your Chihuahua to do what they want, but do not indulge them. Certain regulations must govern the family and its members’ behaviour.

Having said all of this, you should never reprimand or hurt your Chihuahua. Positive reinforcement must be used throughout the Chihuahua training process. Condemning and frightening our Chihuahua will cause us to lose contact with them. Additionally, it will predispose children to behavioural problems as adults.

Having authority does not automatically imply being aggressive. This means that you should never yell at your dog, strike him, or use negative conditioning to educate him. This severe punishment will only result in a terrified Chihuahua reacting defensively and aggressively.

Chihuahua Training FAQs

Q. How to Train a Chihuahua not to Bark?

Chihuahuas Are Difficult to Train. According to the Chihuahua Club of America, this breed has a terrier-like demeanour. Small terriers were trained to bravely dive into animal burrows while hunting, which explains why they have a “feisty” and confrontational personality. Chihuahuas, like terriers, have a large bark and are not hesitant to use it.

Indeed, one of the most frequently asked topics by frustrated owners is how to train Chihuahua puppies to quit barking while left alone at home.

Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are for friendship, not hunting. So, socialise it with other dogs and make sure to exercise it daily from an early stage. Train your puppy to bark on cue using positive reinforcement.

Q. How to Teach Chihuahua to Perform Tricks?

Teaching your small friend tricks may be a lot of fun!

Chihuahuas can be seen on television and in films setting some excellent examples.

Additionally, there are numerous Chihuahuas competing in “freestyle” competitions where they do scripted dancing routines. If you want to learn how to teach your dog tricks, it is recommended to study clicker training, shaping, behaviour capture, target training, and behaviour chains.

Each of these techniques of Chihuahua training ranges from beginner to advanced and is applicable to animals of various sizes and species.

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