May 26, 2022
Easter Dog Toys (1)

Best Reviewed Easter Dog Toys at Amazon

Easter is almost approaching, and while it can be customary for you to celebrate with your dogs, for that buying Easter dog toys is mandatory for any dog owner. Easter is a spring festival, and what dog doesn’t get thrilled when the weather finally warms up enough for walks without their paws becoming chilly? While our dogs may not be able to partake in the traditional Easter basket’s wealth of goodies, these adorable Easter dog toys are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces, if only symbolically.

There is something for every pup’s taste and every owner’s budget here to answer your query, ‘what toys should I get my dog for Easter?’. Take a look!

Safety Reminders for This Easter

Beware Of Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in a variety of sugar-free confectionery and chewing gum. Keep all candy and gum out of reach of your dog. Even at trace levels, xylitol is hazardous to dogs.

Flowers of the Spring

While spring flowers are lovely and a pleasant sight after a long winter, certain blooms are extremely harmful to dogs.

Lilies, Daffodils, Tulips, and Amaryllis are just a few of the famous Easter flowers that are toxic to dogs.

Eggs Made of Plastic

While hunting for plastic Easter eggs may be enjoyable for your children, they might be deadly for your dog. If your dog ingests them accidentally, they can cause intestinal obstruction.

Baked Goods

Easter bread and hot cross buns, which typically contain raisins and other dried fruit, are popular at this time of year.

Keep these baked items away from your dog, since the raisins/dried fruit in them can induce renal failure in dogs and cats.

Popular Easter Dog Toys

Easter Dog Toys

Multipet Easter Lamb Chop Dog Toy

This charming ten-inch plush easter lamb chop dog toy is soft and cuddly, and it squeaks to keep dogs entertained. Although this toy is not meant for strong chewers, mild chewers and dogs that enjoy carrying objects in their teeth will treasure it.


  • This toy features a total of five squeakers, one on each foot and one on the torso.
  • Multipet Lamb Chop will become an instant favorite because it is nostalgic for you and it is large, charming fun for your dog. 
  • Whether your dog is playing fetch or blissfully squeaking the toy, this lovable creature gives instant happiness. 
  • Lamb Chop has a very soft exterior that is ideal for snuggling after playtime.
  • This toy has held up exceptionally well after numerous washings and continues to be one of my dog’s preferred toys.

Pet Peeps Plush Bunny Easter Dog Toys

Peeps are a great way to entertain pets during Easter or any time of year! Easter peep dog toys are available in a variety of colors and characters and are suitable for both cats and dogs. Chicks and bunnies that are plush, squeaky, soft, and adorable are ideal additions to your pet’s toy bin.


  • This squeaky bunny Easter peep dog toy is a terrific way to engage your pet; toss it and watch as your canine retrieves this adorable baby rabbit.
  • This squeaky plush toy is a must-have for keeping your dog active and happy; it will provide hours of entertainment for your dog and is ideal for traveling and vehicle journeys.
  • Indulge your dog’s senses with this amazing dog toy designed like the iconic Peeps rabbit Candy; it’s playful and produces a squeaking sound when pressed.
  • These Easter dog toys are a delightful present for the dog lover in your life. Stuffed toys are the ideal complement to an Easter basket. Easter-themed stuffed toys may be used all year to meet your dog’s chewing and cuddling needs.

Carrot Easter Dog Toys by Lepawit

Lepawit is a pet toy manufacturer. They consider dogs to be true family members and believe they deserve nothing but the finest. Since Lepawit’s inception, its focus has been on offering dogs and their owners exciting and engaging play materials of the best quality and safety. 


  • This squeaking hide-and-seek dog toy is plush and stuffed. Our carrot plush toy will keep your dog entertained throughout the day.
  • Four carrots have a spherical squeaker and crinkles in the carrot leaves to generate excitement and keep your furry baby engaged.
  • Lepawit’s plush carrots Easter dog toys are an interactive puzzle game that will test your dog’s abilities to dig out carrots to seek and discover hidden rewards, while also keeping them cognitively stimulated.
  • You may fill the pit with food or goodies to keep them occupied for hours. 
  • These Easter pet toys are ideal for small and medium-sized dogs; however, it is not advised for extreme chewers.

Peclot Plush Eggs Easter Pet Toys

This is a 3-pack of Easter eggs dog squeaky toy with a strong Easter vibe, fluffy egg toys set adds even more excitement to the celebration. Designed for Easter dog gifts, this dog chew toy is ideal as a holiday surprise for your pet and will serve as an excellent companion while the puppy navigates an amazing holiday.


  • It is made of natural and very soft cotton fabric and packed with 100% PP cotton. Comfortable to the touch, durable, and high in hygroscopicity, this material aids in cleaning teeth and rubbing gums, as well as maintaining oral health via chewing. 
  • These Easter dog toys are machine washed and readily stain-resistant with a towel.
  • This set of dog squeaky toys is made for aggressive chewers; you can generate a squeak by pushing on the toy’s belly to attract your puppy’s attention and pique his interest in playing. When a pet chews, making a squeak increases the enjoyment of chewing and alleviates boredom, anxiety, and sadness.
  • This dog squeaks toy is oval, not round, in keeping with the Easter festival. Easter egg squeaky dog toys are simpler for dogs to chew and more manageable to keep in their mouths or catch in mid-air. 
  • The Easter egg toy set is available in a range of hues, making it an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor play.

We hope you liked this compiled list of Easter dog gifts as much as we did. Easter is a great time of year, and we hope the above list of Easter dog toys has inspired you to construct an Easter basket filled with dog-friendly treats.

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