May 25, 2022
GPS Dog Collar

Best Reviewed GPS Dog Collars at Amazon

If you have a dog who is a skilled escape artist, has not yet mastered the art of leash walking, or receives regular visits from a dog walker or pet sitter, you understand how critical it is to always know where your dog is. Using a GPS dog collar for your dog may provide you with peace of mind in any of these scenarios, regardless of where you (or your dog) are.

Not all GPS dog collars are created equal—and there are several alternatives available. While some utilize cellular service to find your dog, others depend on GPS, radio frequency (RF) technology, or even Bluetooth. 

Each sort of tracker has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we’ve included several distinct styles of GPS dog collars in our list. Whichever one is ideal for you will mostly rely on your location, the quality of cellular coverage in your region, and the distance you wish to follow your pet.

Best GPS Dog Collars

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Dogtra PATHFINDER Green GPS Dog Collar

This Dogtra PATHFINDER dog GPS collar is equipped with a GPS e-collar and may be used in conjunction with Google Maps in standard, terrain, or satellite view modes. Additionally, it has a range of nine miles, a tracking mode, and a GPS update rate of two seconds. To monitor and teach your dog, a range of map choices, including Offline Maps mode, are employed. 


  • The PATHFINDER is elegant and straightforward in design. The remote features two buttons (Power/Select & Connect) that make it simple to connect to the receiver. 
  • The PATHFINDER can accommodate up to 21 canines, and the receiver is available in black, orange, green, and blue to maximize the expandability feature.
  • Offline Maps mode is 100% free to download, has no hidden or additional costs, and can be accessed using the PATHFINDER app.
  • The PATHFINDER features an industry-leading two-second update rate and a robust zoom capability that enables the PATHFINDER app to deliver increased live-action information and accuracy in the field. With this vital tracking GPS e-collar, you can create customized Geo-Fence warnings, utilize the Offline Maps mode, and much more.
  • The PATHFINDER tracks and trains using corrections and an audible tone. The PATHFINDER provides corrections through the receiver and is ideal for keeping your dog on course throughout the hunt.

Garmin Astro 900 GPS Dog Collar

Astro 900 GPS tracking dog collar is a portable powerhouse of dog tracking capabilities, with quicker 2.5-second position updates and the ability to monitor up to 20 dogs. Astro 900 is intuitive and simple to use, with a vibrant 2.6″ color display, preloaded Topo mapping for the United States, and an optional in-unit rechargeable battery.


  • Garmin gadgets are extremely popular among dog hunters—and for good reason. This Garmin dog GPS tracker is integrated into a collar that has an antenna for locating your pooch up to nine miles away. 
  • It is not dependent on mobile networks, Wi-Fi, or phone apps, making it an excellent solution for folks who cannot rely on cell service or the internet in their location.
  • GPS plus GLONASS satellite reception with high sensitivity enables tracking in more difficult settings than GPS alone.
  • Hunt Metrics dog data evaluate your dog’s pace, distance traveled, and time spent outdoors, allowing you to conduct more effective reviews and training sessions.

My Pet Command Wireless GPS Tracking Dog Collar

This cutting-edge wireless electric GPS collar for dogs utilizes conventional GPS radio signals to configure and place your border confinement concealed dog fence. This GPS collar for dogs does not require a transmitter box or boundary wire to provide a CIRCULAR confinement boundary. Create your Boundary in Minutes, simplifying your life and ensuring a smooth setup experience.


  • This portable (take it anywhere) wireless system can cover vast OUTDOOR areas up to a radius of 3281 feet and a maximum of 776 acres, allowing you to utilize it exclusively for OUTDOOR purposes. 
  • Once configured, the current model includes a full memory function; there is no need for daily configuration, although weekly reconfiguration is suggested due to GPS drift.
  • In comparison to standard wireless dog fence systems that include a transmitter box, with this, there will be NO interference. This implies that as long as your pet is outside, the collar will continue to function, which means you won’t have to reset it constantly.
  • This is a hidden dog GPS collar with advanced training capabilities, including three adjustable levels of tone, vibration, and stimulus shock. You can customize the collar’s level settings. 
  • The collar is a safe and effective method of warning and training your dog not to transgress boundaries and to remain contained inside the safe zone you establish and demand.

BHCEY Wireless GPS Dog Collar

The BHCEY GPS Wireless GPS dog collar makes use of the most recent GPS satellite positioning technology. It utilizes a GPS signal to determine its current location. It is far more precise and reliable than other standard fences that rely on radio-frequency signals. Satellite positioning technology delivers far higher accuracy than other comparable products and a signal range of up to 3280ft.


  • BHCEY Wireless GPS dog collar incorporates a robust anti-interference system. The signal will be unobtrusive, and your dog will not be misinformed. A warning will be repeated three times if your dog continues to venture outside the defined range. Following that, the device will immediately shut down to protect your dog and avoid overcorrection.
  • It is capable of covering an area of up to 776 acres and a radius of up to 3280 feet. Its wide range enables your dog to be taught outside while maintaining a secure perimeter. Additionally, the warning strength may be modified for three distinct vibration and shock intensities. 
  • Its adjustable warning intensity properly prepares your dog for a variety of circumstances while keeping him safe.
  • This is simple to set up and does not require transmitter boxes or boundary wires to establish a boundary. You just need to initialize the radius and shock intensity level once and then reposition the original location after each restart.
  • Apart from its high-quality materials, this GPS Wireless Collar also features an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing it to function in wet weather and allowing your dog to get wet on the grass or play in the rain.


Of course, the GPS dog collars we’ve selected here aren’t much cheap, but they’re far from costly. To be quite candid, the security and peace of mind that a GPS collar dog can provide much outweigh the cost. 

The majority of collars do require a subscription plan with a little monthly price; however, you can typically save money by paying for one or two years in advance.

GPS dog collars are more powerful, dependable, and feature-rich now than they have ever been. These devices are well worth the investment for pet owners.

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