Great Pyrenees Mix

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Great Pyrenees Mix

The Great Pyrenees Mix is obsessed with guarding, protecting, and loving its owners unconditionally.

The Great Pyrenees Mix breed is intelligent, patient, and peaceful. These cattle guards are generous with their affection.

The Great Pyrenees Mix provides their offspring with a strong herding instinct, thick double coats, and a sixth toe referred to as the dewclaw. If nothing else, they impart the strength of a guard dog to other dogs.

Due of the Great Pyrenees’ outstanding characteristics, they are chosen as parents of designer breeds.

The Pyrador is the most popular Great Pyrenees Mix of them all since it combines the easy-to-train Labrador with the Pyrs’ defensive qualities.

Consider a Great Pyrenees mix because they frequently compensate for their parents’ deficiencies. Numerous mixed breeds are significantly smaller than Pyrs, which is advantageous for apartment living.

What are some of the highlights of the Great Pyrenees?

  • The Great Pyrenees is an excellent apartment dog due to his placid demeanor. However, homes with spacious yards are preferable.
  • If you’re looking for a dog that can be walked off-leash, this dog may not be for you due to his independent thinking and wandering habits.
  • Constant shedding is to be expected, as is at least one significant shedding phase every year. On the plus side, brushing the Great Pyr takes about 30 minutes per week.
  • A Pyr can be challenging to train due to his capacity for independent thought. He is not a suitable match for inexperienced or timid dog owners, since he requires consistency and a strong owner willing to socialize and train him via positive reinforcement.
  • He’s an excellent family watchdog, but he needs socialization to avoid becoming fearful or violent with both dogs and people.
  • He thrives in the company of his family and belongs within the house. When he is away from his family or left alone in the backyard, he might get bored and destructive.
  • A Great Pyr is often patient and affectionate with smaller animals, making him an excellent choice for families with children.
  • He is a fervent barker and is not advised for households where his barking may annoy other residents.
  • Although the Great Pyr thrives in cooler regions, do not clip his hair in hot weather. Because his coat insulates and cools him, shaving the hair compromises his natural protection from the sun.
  • He does require exercise, but not nearly as much as you might imagine – 20 to 30 minutes each day is sufficient.
  • Never buy puppies from unverified breeders, Pyrenees puppy mix mill if you want a healthy dog.

Great Pyrenees Mix Quick Facts
Dog Type Intelligent, Patient and Peaceful
Average Height 103 – 133 cm
Average Weight 75 – 95 lbs
Coat Type Thick & Double Coat
Colors Black & White Spots, Yellow with White Spots etc
Grooming Needs Once a Week
Trainability Need Strong Trainer
Average Life 10 to 12 years
Family Compatible Yes

Great Pyrenees Mixes

Great Pyrenees Mix #1

The Anatolian Pyrenees —Anatolian Shepherd plus the Great Pyrenees hybrid

Both the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees are livestock guardians, but if they do not have sheep to defend, they will focus their attention on tiny children and cats.

With proper training, the Anatolian Pyr is extremely amiable, non-aggressive, and tolerant of strangers.

This Pyrenees puppy mix requires a strong leader for training purposes. If left alone, they will roam and run, since these magnificent creatures can grow to be as large as 150 pounds.

Purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner, as these enormous white dogs will shed all over your carpets.

Great Pyrenees Mix #2

Border Collie Pyrenees – Border Collie plus the Great Pyrenees Mix

Border Collies require plenty of room to run and play, but when combined with Great Pyrenees, they transform into unstoppable high-energy machines.

Due to their great intelligence, this Pyrenees Dog mix requires more stimulation than the usual breed, making them unsuitable as family dogs.

When placed in a work atmosphere, Border Collie Pyr flourishes, and their intelligence makes them excellent protection dogs.

These medium- to large-sized pups can be stubborn, but with proper socialization, they can develop into kind companions — it just takes a little longer than with other breeds.

Great Pyrenees Mix #3

Pyrador – Great Pyrenees Lab mix

In many families, a huge energetic breed like the Great Pyrenees Lab mix has become the most popular Great Pyrenees mixed breed. They are outgoing, active, and enjoy a variety of activities with their family and friends.

Pyradors shed heavily, so keep a brush on your hip at all times.

Between 55 and 100 pounds, the Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever mix require much positive reinforcement throughout training.

To give your Pyrenees Dog mix the best start possible, feed them a puppy-formulated meal from this brand on Amazon.

Great Pyrenees Mix #4

Pyredoodle – Poodle and a Great Pyrenees Mix

The popular Poodle is the ideal blend for practically any dog, regardless of size, from Beagle to Husky.

A Pyredoodle with a hypoallergenic white coat can cost between $650 and $2400. Their intellect is a standout characteristic of this brew.

A Pyredoodle adapts well to multiperson homes since they are devoted, protective, and require plenty of exercises to be involved.

They thrive on friendship and will warm up to virtually anyone, so surround them with plenty of people and remain rigorous during training.

Great Pyrenees Mix #5

Siberian Husky and the Great Pyrenees Mix

Siberian Huskies are huge breeds that are clever, robust, and have a long history of working in the extreme cold of the arctic.

The Great Pyrenees has a comparable occupational history. The mix of the two results in a lively, adventurous dog who enjoys social interaction.

At an impressive 80-100 pounds, these massive shedders are also massive canines. Although the Pyr Husky’s guarding instinct is inconsistent, they are always focused and engaged.

They require a great deal of affection to remain healthy, so provide them with plenty of pets and goodies.

FAQs about the Great Pyrenees hybrid

How to train a Great Pyrenees Border collie mix?

Training a Great Pyrenees Border collie mix can be challenging, but it can also be simple if you begin early and maintain consistency and love. Originally developed for livestock protection, the Great Pyrenees Border collie mix is accustomed to working and thinking alone. This characteristic remains strong regardless of whether he is descended from a line of pet dogs or working dogs.

He requires you to establish the rules immediately upon his entry into your home. If you don’t want a 100-pound dog on your couch, you shouldn’t allow a cute 20-pound fluff ball either. Patience is necessary when training him, but keep in mind that even after basic training, you will never have an off-lead dog, as he will wander regardless of your screams and demands.

How big do Great Pyrenees mix get?

Fully grown and healthy Great Pyrenees mix are about 26-29 inches.

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