May 26, 2022
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Best Reviewed Hedgehog Dog Toys at Amazon

Hedgehog dog toys are too adorable for dogs and are available for playtime with your pup at any time of day.

Due to their naturally cuddly appearance (despite the quills), these toys are primarily plush, though there are a few alternatives if your pet can’t stop himself from destroying fluffy friends.

Are you ready for a dog toy that is so adorable that you will want to keep it for yourself? These are the top hedgehog dog toys available on Amazon right now. Read further to know the reviews!

Best Hedgehog Dog Toys

Hedgehog Dog Toy

Pawaboo Plush Dog Toy Hedgehog

You may have one or more dogs in your home. You want to strengthen your bond with such an adorable and compassionate pet. PAWABOO’s Super Soft Plush Hedgehog dog toy is one of these outstanding toys. Your dogs will love spending time with this cute hedgehog dog toy, which is guaranteed to keep your pup active and entertained.


  • With a squeaky design inside the toy (when pressed, it makes a sound) and a voice, it adds to the fun.
  • The high-quality fabric and PP cotton filling provide special strength to withstand rough play.
  • The adorable hedgehog’s durable body is designed for hours of chewing fun.
  • All seams are double-stitched and reinforced to prolong the life of your toy.
  • Inside the Hedgehog’s body is a built-in squeaker that dogs can chew on to make the toy squeak. Simply press gently to generate BB sounds, which are highly effective at attracting your pet’s attention.
  • Soft faux fur, PP cotton fillings, and an inner three-layer tough mesh provide comfort and resistance to tears. Simulates a wild hedgehog to satiate your pet’s instinctive desire to chew, keeping your pet off the furniture.

Loopy Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy by ZippyPaws

Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, ZippyPaws’ Loopy Hedgehog is stuffed with six large squeakers and comes in an easy-to-chew ring shape. It is a flat, no-stuffing plush dog toy that provides hours of squeaking entertainment without the need to clean up fuzzy stuffing mess.


  • This plush squeaker toy has been lovingly created using high-quality materials that are both durable and safe for your pets. 
  • This ten-by-eight-inch toy features six round squeakers and is ideal for small and medium dogs looking to have a “squeaking good time.”
  • Each toy includes six high-quality round squeakers that provide additional sound to keep your best friend entertained.
  • Loopy dog toys are made without stuffing, ensuring they last longer and provide mess-free entertainment for both you and your pup.
  • This fun-filled flat toy features an easy-to-chew ring shape that is ideal for small and medium dogs of all life stages.

Aviling Squeaky Soft Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy

Aviling hedgehog toy for dogs is lightweight and soft with a three-layer mesh fabric interior that is tear-resistant and has a nice resilience for playing with your pet dogs, as well as a nice and cute home plush toy decor. The internal sound generator and squeaky design add to the amusement factor.


  • The plush hedgehog’s adorable facial expression, amusing pose, and built-in sound generator attract your pet dog’s attention, make him love it, and make him happy to play with it, and the cute squeak adds to the fun and interest.
  • The hedgehog toy will not make your dog lonely or bored enough to cause damage to your home furnishings when left alone; it is also excellent for teeth chewing, training, and playing small games with you; it is truly a wonderful present for your pets.
  • It is simple and convenient to clean, and both machine and hand washing are acceptable.
  • This hedgehog toy for dogs is produced from a non-toxic, odorless, and high-quality material.
  • Cotton material stuffing gives the toy a natural bounce and quick recovery.

Hound of the Outward Tootiez Hedgehog Dog Toy 

Outward Hound’s Tootiez collection features a variety of silly characters equipped with grunting noise makers that emit a funny tooting sound when chomped, keeping your dog entertained for hours of indoor or outdoor play. Made of natural latex rubber, this toy is safe and gentle on your puppy’s teeth.


  • Tootiez Hedgehog Dog Toy makes the ideal gift for your furry friend. Each toy includes a humorous grunting noise maker that activates when your pup bites.
  • When boredom strikes, hedgehog dog toys encourage play while also meeting your pup’s need for mental and physical engagement.
  • Tootiez toys are made from natural latex rubber that is chemical-free and safe for your pup to play with repeatedly.
  • Tootiez’s silly characters are available in small and large sizes, ensuring that every pup can have their own irresistibly tooting dog toy.

Why Do Dogs Like Hedgehog Toys?

Dogs are descended from wolves, and as we all know, wolves hunt. This predator-prey dynamic is what draws dogs to hedgehog squeak toys.

The toy’s squeak mimics the sound of an injured or fearful animal. This sound awakens your dog’s instinct to attack. If the toy stops barking (i.e., when your dog breaks a squeaker), it shows your dog has killed its prey successfully and no longer needs to attack.

The hedgehog dog toy contains six squeakers that your dog can chew and bite on. The circular shape makes it enjoyable to insert your dog’s nose and figure out how to escape as well.


Now that you understand why your dog is obsessed with their squeak toys and why they can be so beneficial to your pup, you can shop with confidence when purchasing these new dog toy hedgehogs for your dog. Always supervise your dog when he receives a new toy to ensure he does not tear it up and ingest any potentially harmful parts. After your dog has demonstrated the type of behavior it will exhibit with its new snuggle buddy, you can decide whether or not it should be left alone with the toy.

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