May 25, 2022
Hermes Dog Collar

Best Hermes Dog Collar Reviews on Amazon

If your dog is a natural explorer, a customized dog collar may prove to be a very helpful item. This indicates immediately that the canine is owned and prohibits pet rescue officials from removing the animal. Dogs have an innate need to explore new locations and gnaw on objects. Regular walks, on the other hand, are essential for your dog’s health. To keep your pet safe, the Hermes dog collar doubles as a leash attachment and identification.

The collar strap may be engraved or embroidered with your pet’s name and address, making it easy to identify your canine. However, with so many styles and brands to pick from, it might be difficult to find the perfect dog collar. To make your task easy, we have reviewed Hermes Dog Collar. Check out the specifications of these collars and then you can decide whether or not Hermes Dog Collar is the right choice for you.


Popular Hermes Dog Collars


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Neck Tech Herm Sprenger Dog Collar

This Herm Sprenger dog collar comes with a quick ClicLock belt that makes the collar easy to put on and remove from your dog’s neck. The collar is designed like a dog’s teeth to bring out a more natural pinch during pull adjustment.



  • It has slightly decorated prong tips. The links are interlocked and each link is loaded with two dull prongs. 
  • Further links can be added to make the collar longer or you can remove it to make it shorter. Up to 4 links can be added or removed. Each link adds 1.25 inches.
  • The collar fits perfectly around the dog’s neck. Before purchasing, measure the circumference of the dog’s neck and add 2 inches. 
  • To add or remove links, use a flat head screw to unbend slightly and bend it in place again.
  • You can always expect the highest quality dog collars that are made in Germany by Herm Sprenger. The German stainless steel will not wear out and will work for years to come.


Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Training Dog Prong Collar

The Herm Sprenger ultra-plus training dog prong collar is the best option if you want to control and train your dog without wasting time or using excessive force. This clever tool will produce excellent outcomes in a short period!

Herm Sprenger’s Ultra Plus pinch dog collar has spherical prongs in the shape of canine fang fangs. As a mother dog trains its puppies to listen by pinching their necks, you should do the same when your dog misbehaves by pulling a strap to tighten the dog’s collar. Thus, the Hermes prong collar enables you to communicate with your dog naturally.



  • Herm Sprenger steel prong collars with chrome-plated are one of the most well-known and popular brands in dog training products. 
  • It applies consistent pressure evenly around the neck, approximately every half inch, by pinching the skin in a band. 
  • Because this collar does not exert direct pressure on the trachea, you may educate your dog with little or no straining, jerking, or pulling. 
  • It is made of high-quality German steel and this collar’s size can be modified by manually adding or removing links.


Curogan Hermes Dog Collar

Herm Sprenger’s Curogan collar is one of the most well-known and often used names in obedience training equipment. The addition of a central plate connection enables the equal configuration of the central link, allowing the prongs to tighten directly in the same direction. This professional dog training collar has two O rings.



  • It is made with premium Curogan which is nickel-free, making it an ideal alternative for dogs who are nickel-allergic. 
  • Overall collar length is 23 inches (58cm) by 3.2mm wire gauge and will suit dogs with a neck circumference of up to 20 inches.
  • Prong tips are slightly beveled. Interlocking links with two blunt prongs on each link.
  • You can always count on Herm Sprenger collars to be of the greatest quality.
  • Curogan Hermes dog collar will not rust, however, because of the material’s high copper concentration, it may darken with time. This is readily remedied by applying metal polish to restore its original appearance.


Hermes Dog Collar in Black Stainless Steel

This black stainless steel Hermes dog collar is ideal for training dogs. This dog collar enables you to teach your dog proper leash manners in a fraction of the time. When your dog is pulled, he feels instant pinching. As a result, he or she will be diverted from the thing to which he or she is attempting to draw you.



  • This Hermes collar is a great black hue that will highlight your pet’s magnificent looks and make it stand out. With this collar on, your four-legged companion will resemble a gladiator and a true protector.
  • A central plate, assembly chain, two O-rings, and symmetrically distributed prongs comprise the collar. The central plate ensures an even pressure distribution along the collar. 
  • This collar is crafted from stainless steel in a matte black finish. Each Hermes collar constructed from this material features a high-gloss finish. 
  • Black stainless steel is composed of the same elements as regular stainless steel: iron, chromium, silicon, nickel, and carbon. Even when exposed to saltwater or extreme humidity, the collar will not corrode. It has a protective polymer coating that gives it a black look. The stainless steel black lasts as long as traditional steel but has a deep, rich color.



When using Hermes Dog Collar, never use it longer than necessary for training, and never leave your dog alone with the collar on. You will also want to avoid tying your dog up while the collar is on. Each of these scenarios poses a risk of injury to your pet. All these above collars have a role in dog training, especially when you learn how to use them properly and follow the collar’s fitting recommendations. 

We hope after going through the post, you will also agree that Hermes dog collars are the best in the market. Therefore, considering your needs, select the right one for your dog.




How to clean Herm Sprenger dog collar?

To clean Herm Sprenger dog collars, mild detergent is enough. For collars made of stainless steel or Curogan, we recommend using a special metal polish from time to time, such as Diamond Paste. Chromed steel chains should be dried with a cloth after contact with water.


How to put a Herm Sprenger collar on a dog?

When putting on a Herm Sprenger dog collar, remove the two prongs or belt and place the collar on the upper part of the dog’s neck, just below the jaws. Never wear it down on a dog’s neck.

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