May 26, 2022
Miniature American Shepherd

Everything About Miniature American Shepherd

Miniature American Shepherd breeders are increasing. So is the demand for that breed of dogs. Before taking in a new member of your family, learn and browse all about them as much as possible. 

What are the advantages of Mini American Shepherds?


  • Trainable.
  • grooming is simple.
  • Adaptable to frigid temperatures.


  • Strong herding drive.
  • Needs a lot of care.

What is the history of this breed?

Mini American shepherds were originally dubbed miniature Australian Shepherds, which makes sense given that these petite herding dogs are descended from Aussies.

Diminutive Australian shepherds were once a staple of the rodeo circuit, doing stunts and accompanying riders to horse shows to demonstrate their herding abilities.

Ranchers and equestrians were this breed’s most ardent advocates, who admired their little size and outsized work ethic.

In 2011, the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service approved the breed, which was dubbed the small American shepherd in recognition of its origins in the United States. In 2015, the dogs were recognized by the AKC as the 186th breed.

Although the mini American shepherd is petite in appearance, this herding breed is bursting with vitality. These dogs are natural athletes who thrive in households that are devoted to satisfying their activity requirements.

The breed is descended from mini Australian shepherds and originated as rodeo stars.

While this breed of dogs is best recognized for their intellect and athletic ability, they are also gentle dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners and playing with four-legged pals. Their attractive looks, which include medium-length hair and merle coloration, further distinguish them.

How does an American Miniature Shepherd look?

American miniature shepherds resemble Australian miniature shepherds in appearance; they are a double-coated breed with a dense undercoat and medium-length hair that can be straight or wavy. These dogs had shaved heads, moderate “manes” around their necks, and breeches with feathering.

However, when a little puppy of this breed and an Australian shepherd are compared side by side, the size difference becomes apparent. Mini American Shepherds are little herding dogs that reach between 13-19 inches tall, weigh around 20-41 pounds, and have a life expectancy of 12 to 13 years.

In comparison to the Australian shepherd, which stands 23 inches tall and weighs up to 65 pounds, these petite pups have everything admirers of the Aussie like, but in a more manageable size.

Their merle coloration is one of the breed’s distinguishing characteristics. Miniature shepherds come in a variety of coat colors; the most frequent are blue merle and red merle. Additionally, the breed’s coloration might include the less usual shades of black and red.

The breed’s eyes enhance her beauty even more. They can be almost any color, and dogs can even have two distinct eye colors. Although their tails are typically long and curled, some small American shepherd puppies are born with a naturally bobbed behind.

What is the temperament of this breed?

Miniature shepherds have large hearts.

Although they are dogs that adore spending time with their families. Their lively personalities and strong herding tendencies may be too much for little children. Socialization and early training of miniature American shepherd puppies will teach them that little children (and the family cat) are not for corralling.

 Miniature shepherds have large personalities yet can be wary of strangers. While these dogs will never truly be shy, early socialization helps them feel more at ease with unknown people.

What are their necessary requirements?

Miniature American Shepherd puppies are ideal for active families looking for enthusiastic companions on treks or runs.

Despite their little stature in comparison to their Australian shepherd brethren, they are as, if not more, energetic. Owners should anticipate their dog requiring significant physical and mental exercise. This is not a breed that will be satisfied with a brief stroll.

For this breed, apartment living is not ideal.

Miniature American  Shepherd

Although this breed’s strong herding tendencies may make them unsuitable for households with cats and other small animals, the breed is generally excellent with other dogs and frequently enjoys having canine playmates.

Prepare to offer frequent exercise as well as cerebral stimulation through training, puzzle toys, and interactive games—and do not intend to leave little shepherds to fend for themselves.

How to take care of an American Miniature Shepherd?

Miniature shepherds demand a great deal of activity. Schedule at least an hour of hard exercise each day. Along with running or hiking, consider enrolling your small shepherd in agility, competitive obedience, or other dog sports that provide the breed with the physical and mental stimulation it wants.

Do miniature American shepherds shed?

Because little shepherds have thick double coats, you should expect to find that exquisite merle on your floor and sticking to the couch. Brush them a few times a week with a de-shedding tool or wire brush to remove dead hair. 

Although professional grooming is not necessary—miniature American shepherds should never be shaved or clipped to maintain the quality of their coats—a periodic “sanitary clip” to cut the longer fur on their stomachs and backsides is frequently a good idea.

Additionally, they, like all breeds, require frequent nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing to maintain optimal health.


The Miniature American Shepherd is a herding dog of small stature that originated in the United States. He is slightly taller than he is tall, with moderate bone that is proportionate to his physical size and height without being excessive. Smooth, effortless, and balanced movement. A combination of exceptional agility, strength, and stamina enables labor on a variety of terrain.

This extremely adaptable, energetic dog is an exceptional athlete with remarkable intelligence and a passion to please his loyal owners. He is a dependable buddy and a willing worker, as seen by his alert gaze. Historically, he has had a docked or natural bobtail.

The Miniature American Shepherd is an intelligent, obedient, and devoted herding dog that makes an ideal family pet. Owners must dedicate time to socialization and training to channel the breed’s strong instincts and appetite for work. They are naturally suspicious of strangers but should not be timid, and they are capable of adapting their manner to the circumstances, whether at work or in pleasure.

The breed is responsive to obedience training and possesses a natural sensitivity that makes it an excellent choice for therapy, service, and search and rescue work. This breed is a sharp-witted working dog with strong herding and guarding tendencies. He is an exceptional friend since he is adaptable and easily trained, and he carries out his allotted chores with grace and zest.

Although reserved among strangers, he is not shy. He is a tenacious and resilient worker who tailors his manner and level of arousal to the task at hand. He is protective, good-natured, loving, and loyal to his family.


How much is a miniature American shepherd?

Miniature American Shepherd for sale is around $800-$1500. Based on the demand, color, and location of the miniature American shepherd breeders. Miniature American Shepherd for sale is not easy to find, so never a give a second thought about buying them, when you come across one.

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