Pitbull Lab Mix

Pitbull Lab Mix – Everything You Need to Know

Pitbull Lab mix

As a consequence of crossing Pitbulls along with Labrador Retrievers, these Pitbull Lab Mix are also called a Labrabull, Bullador, or Pitador. This is the smart and energetic type of dog. Of course, with one-half of their DNA derived from the most popular dog breed in the US (the Labrador), they are renowned to be exceptionally smart and energetic as well.

Pitbull Lab mix can be easily trained and highly dependable, making them a perfect addition to any family. For additional reading on this lovable dog, check out the information provided below on their background, character, and what it’s like to have one of these dogs as a pet.


Pitbull Lab Mixes are canines of mixed breeds. They are not purebreds like their parents, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Labrador Retriever. Lab pit mix are predominantly black, white, grey, brown, yellow, and silver in hue. Pitbull Lab Mix is predominantly black with white highlights.

Lab pit mix is not well-suited to harsh weather conditions due to their short thin coats. Labrabulls dislike being left alone for extended periods of time and may exhibit destructive behaviour if left alone. Pitbull Lab Mix is quite affectionate with children. They make excellent playmates since they are sturdy, lively, and tolerant. 

History of the Pitbull Lab Mix

It is no wonder that the Pitbull Lab mix likes to be busy and occupied because they are of the same breed, traditionally known for their workability. The first Labradors were selectively developed to have the temperament of a Pitbull, as well as its loyalty.

Despite not being recognized by the AKC, Labrabulls are listed in the Designer Breed Registry.

Pitador, Labrabull, Labpitt are are names for the Pitbull Lab mix. This Pitbull Lab Mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Pitbull Terrier appears to generate considerable controversy and suspicion. For one thing, little knowledge regarding the origins of this crossbreed exists. On the plus side, you may learn about the parent breeds’ history.

In 1550s Newfoundland, Canada, the Labrador Retriever was known to as St. John’s dog. In the early 1800s, these dogs were introduced to the Earl of Malmesbury in Poole, England. The Earl recognised his dogs’ aptitude for sports and enlisted them as hunting partners. It was he who coined the term “Labrador” for his dogs, a moniker that stuck with his son, who later wanted to conserve the breed. By 1903, the English Kennel Club had officially recognised Labradors. Meanwhile, in 1917, the American Kennel Club registered the breed’s first member, a Labrador Retriever.

On the other hand, the Pitbull originated in the United Kingdom in the early nineteenth century. The Pitbull was created by crossing Old English Bulldogs and Terriers, resulting in a breed capable of tremendous agility and tenacity in fight.

Pitbull gets its name from the fact that these dogs were thrown into pits for horrific blood sports including bear baiting, rat slaughter, and dogfighting. Immigrants brought their Pitbulls to the United States well before the English Civil War. Although bred for fighting, these canines exhibited work habits and eventually became an indispensable component of America’s rising nation. By 1930, the breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club as the American Pitbull Terrier.

Traits Of Pitbull Lab Mix Puppy

The Pitbull Lab Mix is not a purebred breed, and there are no breed standards associated with it, making it impossible to identify exactly what these pups are supposed to look like. This is a huge concern, as we won’t be able to predict how each litter of puppies would turn out. Our best estimate is that prior litters are responsible for the current litter.

On a litter of 5 to 10 puppies, the typical number is 7. It is rare to have to determine who the biological father or mother is. You should expect to pay $500 for your Pitbull Lab Mix puppy.

You all are aware that the Labrador Retriever has a fun, welcoming personality, but the Pitbull has a courageous, bold demeanor. So, what kind of personality would a Pitbull Lab mix have? Given below are the personalities of a Pitbull Lab Mix.


Pitbull Lab Mix will not bite unless there is a compelling cause to do so. Pitbull Lab Mixes are devoted to their families and will defend them at all costs. These daring canines are up to any challenge! Pitbull Lab Mixes are fiercely protective of their pack, which is frequently manifested aggressively. When properly trained, the Pitbull Lab mix can easily differentiate between dangerous and unexpected stimuli, allowing him to exercise restraint.


“Actions speak louder than words,” is the credo of a Pitbull Lab Mix. Because the Pitbull Lab mix is often quiet, they are an excellent choice for apartment living or close-knit subdivisions. Similarly, Pitbull Lab Mixes make excellent watchdogs since they are constantly on the lookout. They can detect danger from afar, whether it’s a wanted criminal or a misbehaving teenager.

A great softie

Another unique characteristic of Labrabulls is their capacity for attachment to their humans. They are capable of sensing when you are depressed, distressed, or in pain. These dogs will cuddle up to you and offer wet licks – the canine equivalent of hugs and kisses.

Thus, the next time you’re about to cry, you can rely on your tail-wagger to console you. This is most definitely a quality they inherited from Labradors. After all, Labrador retrievers are well-known for their work as therapy dogs.

Pitbull Lab Mixes are perpetually prepared to confront any threat that may present itself. However, these courageous dogs easily melt into a jiggly mass of face-licking love when surrounded by their adoring people. As long as there is no threat hiding in the shadows, the childish innocence and sweetness of a Pitbull Lab Mix will come through! Pitbull Lab Mixes enjoy running rapidly, tugging vigorously, jumping high, playing games, and resolving doggy problems like the intelligent and creative creatures they are.


Although the Pitbull Lab mix is a giant softie, if left alone for an extended amount of time, this breed has a tendency to develop neurotic behavior. While it may sound pleasant to always have a Pitbull Lab Mix trailing behind you, take action for the sake of your dog. Allow him to develop some independence by enabling him to explore the world independently of you.

Pitbull Lab Mixes are well-known for their owners’ obedience. If you tell them to get off the couch, they will not snarl at you. Due to the fact that Pitbull Lab Mixes are also highly intelligent, training will not be difficult.

Pitbull Lab Mix Quick Facts
Dog Type Smart & Energetic
Average Height 30 – 50 cm
Average Weight 45 – 90 lbs
Coat Type Short & Silky
Colors Mostly Yellow, Brown & Black
Grooming Needs Easy to Groom
Trainability Easy to Train
Average Life 10 to 14 years
Family Compatible Yes

How big does a pitbull lab mix get?

Above, we’ve indicated that no matter what your Pitbull and Lab mix looks like, you can never be sure. Pitbull and Labrador Retriever-looking pups are possible.

The Pitbull Lab Mix, which can weigh anywhere between 40 and 80 pounds, is categorized as a medium to large dog breed, and the majority of female specimens will be smaller than the males. Dogs that have floppy ears and are robust yet slim in stature are likely to exist.

Coat of Lab and Pit mix

While Pitbull and Lab mix is part of the same family, Labradors have a short, silky coat, and they rarely require much care. More information on grooming will be provided later.

What does a lab pitbull mix look like?

Since Pitbull Lab Mix parent dogs come in many colors, your designer dog is quite likely to have many colors too. Labrador dogs come in a wide range of colors, from yellow, brown, or black, while Pitbulls can come in many various colors as there are four main breeds of this dog.

Take a peek at the parent breeds for an idea of what your Pitbull Lab may look like in color.

Temperament of Labrador Pitbull mix

Pitbull Lab Mixes are outgoing and friendly dogs that like the company of people. As intelligent as they are, they must always be engaged and occupied in order to avoid engaging in destructive activity. These dogs in particular are highly feisty when bored or uninterested. People tend to flourish when surrounded by others and receiving a lot of attention.

This assumption, that all Labrador Pitbull mix are inherently aggressive, is widespread. I cannot imagine that being further from the truth. By raised and socialized, these dogs are docile and affectionate, which helps to perpetuate the sweet-natured nature of the Pit Lab Mix. They are not known to bark, but when there is something amiss, they will inform you. This makes them a fantastic watch or guard dog. They hate being left alone and want to be in the presence of others at all times.

How long do pitbull lab mixes live?

The Lab Pit Mix lives an average of between 10 and 14 years, and it has a relatively long lifespan.

Known health issues of lab and pit mix

Though dogs of all kinds can suffer from various health problems, the Pitbull Labrador Mix is particularly vulnerable. When it comes to common health problems, these breeds often experience the same ailments as their parent breeds. Labradors, however, are seeing two more often occurring medical issues, both of which are seen in Labs.

Hip dysplasia, also known as congenital hip dislocation, where the thighbone does not fit securely into the hip joint. For hip dysplasia, there will be lameness or pain on one or both back legs, but the dog will not show any signs of distress.

You should take your dog to the vet on a regular basis so you may detect problems early and fix them before they get worse. It is a good idea to have insurance for your Pitbull Lab Mix, and the annual cost is about $400.

Don’t forget to buy from a reputable breeder when you purchase your dog. The odds of your dog suffering any health problems are substantially decreased this way. Animal breeders who are viewed as reliable will carry out health tests on both parent breeds and will not produce offspring if there is a danger that it will pass on any defects.

Everyday life of lab pit mix

While Pitbull Lab Mixes may inherit diverse qualities and characteristics from their parent breeds, the basic care required to look after these canines is rather simple. For further information on their food and diet, their activity demands, and their grooming needs, see the section below.

Training Manual for Lab and Pit Mix

As with any breed, it is advisable to socialise your Pit Lab Mix while he is young. Many dog owners believe that training a Pitbull and Lab mix is difficult, so let’s prove them incorrect!

Make a name for yourself as the Alpha

To begin, you must firmly establish yourself as the pack’s leader. Bear in mind that being Alpha does not automatically imply physical supremacy. This requires you to establish limits, adhere to your own norms, and refrain from acting rashly!

For instance, if you don’t want your Chocolate Lab Pitbull mix to sleep in your bed, then don’t be a pussycat when he does! Otherwise, your growing canine companion will perceive you as weak and inconsistent.

A successful partnership is contingent upon your ability to maintain control. If your tiny Pitador behaves in modest, harmless ways, he is likely to behave in large, irritating ways. Nonetheless, be fair and calm while reprimanding your pet companion. Although pitadors are one of the most docile breeds, they can also be rather sensitive. They are not amenable to physical punishment.

Utilize affirmative reinforcement

Chocolate Lab Pitbull mix craves praise and delectable rewards! Therefore, be sure to reward your pet with some delectable dog biscuits for his small triumphs. Additionally, you can alternate between praises and belly rubs.

Positive reinforcement is critical, even more so during the initial weeks of potty training. When your Labrador Pitbull mix uses the bathroom outside rather than on your hardwood floor, make a big deal out of it and thank him. Given the Pitbull and Lab mix’s intelligence, your pup is fast to recognise which of his acts are beneficial and desirable to you. As a result, he will replicate the conduct as frequently as possible.

Correct your Lab and Pit Mix properly

Punishment is frequently associated with physical harm, such as slamming a stick into your black Lab Pitbull mix. This is not only a harsh tactic, but it is also counterproductive. Thus, how do you discipline your canine lout without making him fearful or suspicious of you?

Because reasoning with your Labrador Pitbull mix is futile, the most effective and humane way to teach him is through constructive punishment. You can seize his favorite toys or simply ignore him for a specified amount of time. Physical punishment hastens the deterioration of your relationship with your beloved pet. You want your dog to view you as a source of love and security, not as a source of suffering.

Investigate new terrains

Take your animal companion on as many adventures as possible. You can load him in a pet carrier when he is still a puppy and stroll alongside you when he becomes sufficiently large. Having your small Pitador tag with you exposes him to a variety of people, animals, and objects.

This is the most effective method for moulding his behaviour toward rowdy children, strange structures, and fast-moving automobiles, to name a few. The more exposure he receives as a puppy, the more settled he will be as an adult.

Stimulate both the mind and the body

Both parent breeds of the black Lab Pitbull mix require a high level of mental and physical activity, so it’s unsurprising that their children do as well. Exercise on a consistent basis is critical if you want to maintain your furry sidekick fighting fit. Otherwise, your Pitador is certain to gain weight, which might have a detrimental effect on his general health.

Exercise deficiency is primarily the owner’s fault. Dogs are rarely slothful, but if the activity is tedious, they are just as prone as people to abstain. However, merely allowing your dog to chase squirrels in the backyard will not suffice. What are your alternatives then? Below are the alternatives

Take your dog for a walk

The most frequently performed workout is walking your canine companion. Active dogs, such as the Pitbull Lab mix, should ideally be taken out twice daily for a long walk.

You are not required to trek through woodlands. To make this a practical option for busy fur-parents, go for a couple of walks around the neighbourhood or a visit to a park located a reasonable distance from your home. Attempt to vary the route of your walks on a regular basis to provide your Pitador with a new battery of odours to explore.

Participate in games

Playing fetch is a fantastic way to keep your Pitador fit and healthy, especially if you are unable to match your dog’s energy level. It provides your dog with the exercise he needs in a pleasant manner, while you sit back and rest.

It would be prudent to bring along handy equipment, such as a hardened tennis ball equipped with a long-handled launcher that propels the ball into the distant distance. Additionally, dog Frisbees fly considerable distances before being retrieved by your pet.

Take a swim

Many dogs are fearful of water, but once they master it, they will paddle like a wild duck! Swimming with your Pitbull lab mix puppy is also one of the most pleasurable activities you can do. There are other toys available at pet stores, such as a Kong floating toy that will inspire your furry friend to swim. Your sociable Pitador will undoubtedly leap into action and retrieve the object for you.

Climbing stairs 

You do not need to develop a strenuous and tough exercise plan for your dog. Even racing up the stairs with your dog can be a pleasurable and beneficial activity. Even the most basic forms of exercise can produce remarkable outcomes. Indeed, going up and down the stairs is the most effective method of losing weight for obese dogs!

Food and diet

When in Pit Lab mode, their energy levels must be supplemented with food. Adults require approximately 1,500 to 2,000 Kal. a day, which is equivalent to about four cups of dry dog food per day. It is always a good idea to read the food label on the back of a food package to determine how much of a particular meal to feed your pet according to their weight.

Puppies need approximately 12 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and 8% of their food should be in the form of fat. Reduction of 2.62g of protein per kg of body weight and 5% of food in fat form should be reached when they are grown. Parents should aim to feed their children three times per day as an adult.

Pitbull Lab Mixes require high-quality, nutrient-rich dog food to stay healthy. Here is a dish we recommend if you would want to try it.

Family compatibility

The Pit Lab Mix is among the smaller dogs. These dogs thrive on human attention and are highly loving and friendly. They do not fare well when left alone, and they demonstrate indicators of separation anxiety and destructive actions. If you want to welcome one of these dogs into your home, you need to make sure you are able to spend long periods of time away from home.

They are great playmates for youngsters since they need to be stimulated mentally. It’s unnecessary to worry about the pets’ reaction to other dogs and cats because they get along well with them.

As a result, training a Pitbull Lab Mix is simple and uncomplicated. They enjoy learning tricks and pleasing you, so they might be a good pet for first-time dog owners.

Providing appropriate training and socialization

The Pitbull Labrador crossbreed is a clever dog, as we discussed previously. Since training them is so simple, they’re among the better first dogs. Positive reinforcement training is most effective with these pups. Also, training might include verbal praise and tangible rewards, like food.

It is also not difficult to socialize your Pitbull Lab cross. There shouldn’t be a problem in the family house due to their ability to get along with youngsters and other animals. You should be exposing children to new sights, sounds, locations, smells, people, and animals from an early age, and you should get them involved in socializing from a young age.


You will not have to spend much time grooming your Lab Pitbull Mix. To keep your pet’s shedding to a minimum, you should brush them roughly two to three times a week. As a result, the Labradors will shed copious amounts of hair. If you want to keep your home fur-free, you’ll need to invest in a reliable vacuum cleaner.

It is necessary to bathe your Pitbull Lab on a regular basis, but doing so three to four times a year is acceptable. It is also important to inspect their ears on a regular basis to detect any infection and to maintain their nails in good condition. Brushing your dog’s teeth is important, so you can be sure his gums don’t get infected.


Which one is more attractive, a black lab Pitbull mix or chocolate Lab Pitbull mix?

It totally depends on your choices and preferences. Although between a black lab Pitbull mix and a chocolate Lab Pitbull mix the latter one is extremely more popular.

Are Pitbulls A Risk?

A brief discussion is given above, but the answer is no. While it is a widespread myth that all Pitbulls are aggressive when properly trained and raised in a loving and caring environment, Pitbulls are affectionate, loyal dogs who thrive in human company.

They have shown signs of aggression when not properly educated or when they do not receive adequate social interaction, but if you nurture your puppy properly, you should not feel threatened when around them.

Where Can I Purchase Pitador Puppies?

As a general rule, purchase your puppy from an ethical and trustworthy breeder. Of course, you must conduct due diligence in order to locate one. Inquire about the puppy’s history in detail from the breeder. Similarly, ensuring he has the puppy’s parents’ health clearances to ensure your dog does not inherit any medical issues from its parents.

Bear in mind that local breeders are not the only source of information. Due to poor ownership, many designer breeds, including the Pitbull Lab hybrid, end up in city shelters and rescue groups. It would be really generous to rescue a Pitbull Lab mix puppy and provide it with a second chance at life.




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