May 25, 2022
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Dog Training – Pitbull Training Information with Pictures

Pitbull Dogs- Who are they?

Pitbull – the term commonly used in the United States of America, is a breed of dog that was descended from terriers and bulldogs, while in other countries such as the UK this particular term is commonly used as an abbreviation of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. The first use of the term was in the year 1927. They are loyal, friendly and obedient is given proper Pitbull training.

It is previously said that all the dogs (now referred to as Pitbulls) descend from the British terrier and bull family, which were first brought to Northern America in early 1870. The terrier and bull was a breed of dog developed in the UK in the early 19th century (commonly used for the purpose of blood sports of rat baiting and dogfighting). It was created by crossing the thick-muscled and boisterous Old English Bulldog with the lithe, agile, feisty Tan and Black Terrier. The English Bulldog, (commonly bred for bear and bull baiting), was often also pitted against its own kind in dog fights. But it was later found that lighter, faster dogs were much better for the purpose of dogfighting than the heavier ones.

The Various Phases Of Pitbull Training


Pitbull Training


It is vital to start Pitbull training at a very young age. The appropriate time to start the Pitbull training is as soon as you bring it home. When dogs are in a growing stage, they are quick learners, constantly learning from their surroundings and from their relationships.

The younger they are, the more appropriately they will be able to learn new stuff in general. In this article, you’ll learn how to train a Pitbull puppy and Pitbull dog.

(Pitbull training- when the dog is of 3-8 weeks of age)

Start Calling It By Its Name

This is a very important part of Pitbull puppy training. Let the puppy to get familiar with its name. The quicker you succeed at this, the better it will be as your puppy will learn to respond to its name. Do not waste your time in deciding a name. Also, be consistent while using it whenever you are dealing your puppy. You should call your pitbull by its name before and after every command in order to make it familiar with the name.

Teach It To Listen or Watch

The watch-listen command will make your pitbull puppy learn when to stop and pay attention to you. You can also do this Pitbull puppy training by holding a treat near their eyes, and saying “look” or “watch.” When your puppy dog stops whatever they are doing and makes an eye contact with you, give them the treat and praise them. This style is also called positive reinforcement and reward will be an added perquisite.

Teach It To Lay Down

This training method is somewhat similar to the previous one. You are needed to hold the treat in front of your puppy’s eyes, and place it at a few feet away from them, and then bring it down, following which you need to pull it out and away from them. Following the treat, your puppy will naturally lie down. As soon as they do this, praise them and give them the treat you were holding. Let them know that you are pleased! As you continue to do this your pitbull pup will gradually learn to lay down.

Teach Your Dog To Sit

It is a very basic Pitbull training that is easy and simple to teach. You can start this Pitbull dog training by bringing some yummy Pitbull puppy treats as an incentive for your puppy to obey your command. Hold the treat  above your Pit’s head in the air, and slowly move it over their head, or even a few distance behind it so they back up. Their sight will move up naturally in order to follow the treat, and they will naturally sit down. When their back touches the ground vertically, say “sit” and then give them the treat you brought for them along with some praise. Soon your dog will learn to sit following your command.

(Pitbull training- when the dog is of 12 weeks of age)

Teach Your Pitbull To Socialize With Other Dogs

How to train a Pitbull puppy not to bite? Since pitbulls were being bred as fighting dogs in history, they are usually arrogant to other dogs and can sometimes bite them. You can keep control over them in the presence of other breed dogs by teaching it to focus only on you. It is vital for your dog to learn to socialize from a very young age. After all you are trying to build a foundation for lifetime behavior of your pet.  So you can socialize your pup by getting them habituated of being around both dogs of other breeds and other people. But you need to ensure whether the environment is absolutely safe for your puppy.

Pitbull Potty Training- a basic Pitbull Training

How to potty train a Pitbull puppy? Pitbull Potty training is another important aspect of basic Pitbull training that you are not supposed to take it lightly. In the beginning, try to take your Pitbull dog outside quite often, especially when they are young. Do not punish your dog as they won’t understand why you are punishing them. It will cause damage to your relationship with your dog and also it is not an effective way to give Pitbull training. Every time your dog urinates or poops outside, praise them and reward them with a treat. Do this right away, as it is a very important part of Pitbull dog training.

(Pitbull training- when the dog is of 1 year of age)

Teach Your Dog To Fetch

This Pitbull Training is important. Try to introduce your dog to an object such as a tennis ball, toy etc. Show your dog the object, and reward them a treat. Then toss the object a short motion and distance for your Pitbull dog to get it. If your dog picks up the object, give them another reward. Now comes the tricky part- toss the object again and command your dog pick it up, and then tell them to bring the object to you while they are holding it.  Reward them for returning the object.

Teach Them To Walk On A Leash

It is important to know your dog’s ability to walk on a leash without pulling. Trust us! None of you will want your Pitbull to run ahead of you while you are out with it for walks. Through this Pitbull training, your dog will learn to walk side by side along with you. So when they do run ahead of you or behind you, simply stop, tighten the leash, and wait. When your dog is again beside you, offer a small treat and continue walking. Your dog will figure out that whenever they run ahead, the leash will tighten and the walk will stop. However, when they will walk side by side with you, the walk will go on.

Some Quick Tips Of Pitbull Training

  • Start the training early- from day 1
  • Try to introduce your Pitbull puppy to other people and dogs
  • Play with your pup
  • Take them for walks
  • Do not punish them
  • Reward them for listening to your command

How To Train A Pitbull To Attack on Command?

Here are a few simple steps of Pitbull Training to teach it to attack command

  • Wear gloves
  • Sit the pet down
  • Engage you, Pitbull
  • Say the command “ATTACK”
  • Show happiness
  • Internalize your command “ATTACK”
  • Increase the Distance
  • Take a break
  • Repeat this 6-7 times


How Much Does a Pitbull Cost?

You can easily purchase a Pitbull puppy in India at INR 9000 to INR 80000 depending upon the breed of the dog i.e. its pedigree scrutiny. The Pitbull Mix is a very easy breed to train due to their high intelligence. However, their intelligence necessitates constant entertainment. Mental stimulation is critical for the Pocket Pitbull, as they are much more likely to become bored and exhibit destructive behaviours without it. Occasionally, the Pocket Pitbull will inherit the Patterdale Terrier’s prey drive, but fortunately, this can be trained out of them.


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