May 26, 2022
Toys for Blind Dogs

Best Reviewed Toys for Blind Dogs at Amazon

Adapting to visual limitations is not simple. As with humans, dogs significantly rely on their eyesight to navigate the environment and enjoy themselves. When the sense of sight is lost, your dog may feel fearful and anxious.

If your dog is born blind or has grown old and has visual impairments, you can help him succeed and enjoy toys made especially for blind dogs. These toys for blind dogs are fun and beneficial to the mental and physical health of a blind dog, and as a result, they are advised for any pet suffering from loss of vision, whether puppy or adult.

Therefore, ‘what toy is good for blind dogs?’. Fortunately, there is no shortage of toys for blind dogs that appeal to other senses. Some of the greatest toys for blind dogs are completely sightless, ensuring that your pooch receives the stimulation they require. We’ve compiled a list of the best toys for blind dogs available today.

Best Toys for Blind Dogs

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Giggle Ball Toys for Blind Dogs

This is an interactive vinyl toy that emphasizes movement and sound, making it ideal for blind dogs. It is made of pet-safe materials (phthalate-free) and features a round ball with six clutch pockets that make it easier for a blind dog to pick up. The Wobble Wag Giggle lives up to its name, making giggling and burping noises that will entertain your dog for hours.


  • The toy’s primary feature is the noise it can make. Numerous tubes create a variety of noises based on the direction in which the ball is tossed. This is accomplished purely by the flow of air, which eliminates the need for a squeaker or batteries.
  • This Giggle ball for dogs is designed to keep them engaged and active. The unusual laugh sound energizes your pets, and your adorable canines will enjoy an ideal interplay with the ball.
  • The pet-playing giggle ball is made of basic tubes that provide a unique giggle sound that will pique your dog’s interest. Keeps dogs occupied by appealing to their natural need to play.
  • The dog giggle ball is constructed entirely of unbreakable eco-friendly vinyl that is non-toxic and safe for your pet.
  • This laugh ball measures 5.9inch in diameter. The six clutch pockets distributed evenly throughout the ball’s surface make it simple for your dog to pick up during playtime.

Zogoflex Dog Puzzle Toy by West Paw Qwizl

The West Paw Qwizl dog toy is made of exceptionally durable zogoflex material and can endure extensive biting and gnawing. With a recess in the center for hiding yummy goodies that emit an enticing odor, this durable toy will engage your pup’s interest for hours on end. 


  • This toy stimulates blind dogs’ senses of scent and taste. Additionally, it will give ample cerebral activity by pushing them to locate the treatment.
  • Maintain your friendly Fido’s attention and entertainment with this dog toy puzzle that includes a hidden surprise for him to locate during play.
  • If you have a dog who is an aggressive chewer, protect your furniture by providing him with this vividly colored chew toy puzzle that will keep your pet occupied for hours.
  • Prolong playtime with these cognitively engaging blind dog toys that help prolong the life of pricey dog treats and are enjoyable to retrieve, toss, and catch after the goodies have been consumed.
  • The curved design of this dog chew toy puzzle makes it easy for your energetic pup or senior dog to grasp and keep in place with his paws, while the side apertures lure him with the aroma of dog goodies.
  • Not only do these West Paw dog toy puzzles include bright colors that make it easy to identify indoors or out, but each dog chew toy is also non-toxic, recyclable, and dishwasher safe.

Hartz Dura Play Bone Scented Toys for Blind Dogs

If you are looking for toys for blind dogs that stimulate your dog’s senses of touch, smell, and hearing, we highly recommend Hartz’s DuraPlay Toy. It is made of natural latex on the exterior and resilient foam on the inside and will bounce and float while enduring a great deal of vigorous play. But that’s not all — the toy has a squeaker to help dogs with impaired vision activate their ears.


  • The exterior of these scented toys for blind dogs is constructed of durable, tough natural latex; the inner is built of foam technology, creating a chewier, bouncy toy with an appealing squeaker.
  • It includes a miniature version of the iconic Dura Play Bone designed for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds.
  • It has an appealing bacon fragrance, which makes it easier for puppies to seek it down if they cannot see it.
  • To the touch, it’s soft and flexible, making it ideal for blind dogs of all ages, including elderly dogs and teething pups.
  • It provides long-lasting enjoyment with the use of a proprietary foam technology that increases durability and creates an unparalleled chewing sensation.

Animal Sounds Babble Ball by Pet Qwerks

With these balls for blind dogs, there is much to fascinate and engage your dog. They give hours of pleasure to visually impaired dogs, as they stimulate the primary sense of hearing. When left alone, the Babble Ball enters a sleep state, but when nudged by your pup, it awakens and makes several animal noises.


  • These blind dog toys are battery-operated and constructed to endure the attention of even the most determined dog. Notably, the noises are audible long enough for a blind dog to hunt it down as it rolls away.
  • Animal Sounds Interactive Dog Toy Babble Balls are entertaining, self-contained dog toys that appeal to your active pup’s animal instincts by playing animal noises ranging from wild critters to common household pets.
  • As your pet breathes on it or goes through it, animal noises emanate, inviting your dog to play; Each ball emits over 20 distinct animal noises, simulating a virtual zoo that interacts with your pet.
  • By encouraging dogs to actively play, the Babble Ball satisfies their natural need to chew and helps decrease anxiety and boredom; when your dog is through playing.
  • The Babble Ball is constructed of high-impact ABS and is designed to withstand rigorous play.

Are There Toys for Blind and Deaf Dogs?

There are many toys available for blind and deaf dogs. If your pet is suffering from either, do not let that interfere with your daily routine. Take your pet to the park; take them on a trip and introduce them to new toys and delicacies as they are perfectly healthy. This will arouse new interest in your blind and deaf dog and keep its mind refreshed, giving it a reason to wake up and seek a ride every morning.


With so many excellent toys for blind dogs available now, there is no need to keep your blind dog bored. For many years to come, the perfect toy can keep your pooch busy and happy. The trick is to take their impairment into account and select a product that stimulates their other senses.

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