May 26, 2022
Unicorn Dog Toy

Best Reviewed Unicorn Dog Toys at Amazon

Unicorns are among the most beloved legendary creatures. If your dog is obsessed with these magnificent creatures, a unicorn dog toy may become their most prized item. Numerous unicorn toys are available, including soft, cuddly unicorns, display unicorn pieces, and even unicorn hoppers. From Myla the Unicorn, who can sing, light up, and change colors, to a fairy unicorn garden that produces actual grass, unicorn-themed toys are some of the best available, and there are a plethora of options.

We’ve compiled a list of the top unicorn dog toys available so you can find the ideal gift for your unicorn enthusiast. Take a peek at the post below.

Best Unicorn Dog Toys

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ZippyPaws Rainbow Unicorn Dog Toy

ZippyPaws’ interactive hide and seek rainbow will keep your pet entertained for hours. Dogs will enjoy extracting squeaky unicorns from their rainbow for a hard game they may play alone or with you! They’ll urge you to put them back in the Burrow for hours of entertainment. This interactive toy is designed to keep dogs occupied and interested.


  • The gentle fabric will not irritate their teeth and is ideal for teething puppies or lively adults. Ideal for tiny and medium-sized dogs that appreciate rewarding squeaks following a fun task.
  • Dogs will have hours of entertainment playing with three gorgeous unicorns and digging them out of their rainbow habitat.
  • Each unicorn comes with one high-quality spherical squeaker to provide additional sound to keep your best companion entertained.
  • This interactive puzzle engages your dog in interactive play by having them dig out the unicorn figures.
  • The Rainbow Burrow is the ideal size for small and medium-sized dogs but is not advised for really tough chewers.

Lulubelles Squeaker Power Plush Dog Toy

Each Lulubelles soft plush Power Plush is inside reinforced with a layer of strong mesh to ensure they can withstand even the most ferocious dogs. It is completely self-contained; each seam is reinforced with nylon seam tape for added strength.


  • This Power Plush dog unicorn toy is not only soft and sturdy but also features an inside squeaker and crinkle to keep your pet entertained.
  • The majority of Power Plush toys come in two sizes to ensure that all dogs may join in on the fun! The small size is often appropriate for small dogs under 25 pounds, while the big size is typically appropriate for dogs 25 pounds and more.
  • They utilize only the finest materials in all of the plush unicorn dog toys since they care as much about your pet’s well-being as you do.
  • After lots of cuddles, the machine washes your Power Plush toy in cool water. Dry carefully on a soft cycle and then reintroduce it to your patient pet.

Lepawit Heartbeat Unicorn Dog Toy

Lepawit heartbeat unicorn pet toy is made of a high-elastic plush fabric that is extremely soft and resistant to deformation. Your pup will enjoy this fluffy toy and will have a good time. The dog may sleep soundly without barking or crying, and the owner can have a good night’s sleep as well.


  • To create a sense of security, the unicorn plush toy features two stimulated heartbeats. You must manually activate the heartbeat, and it will shut down after ten minutes to conserve energy. 
  • Three Alkaline button batteries (LR44) are required to power the heartbeat. The kit includes two replacement heartbeats, or you may insert both into the abdomen if a greater sensation is required.
  • The plush heartbeat dog unicorn toys simulate a calming pulse, allowing dogs to sense their heartbeat. Soft cushioning and a smooth surface can help the dog relax immediately, reducing anxiety and assisting the dog in swiftly adapting to a new situation.
  • These unicorn pet toys are constructed of soft, high-quality materials that are kind to your dog’s skin. The soft material is safe for your dog to wear, and it can be machine washed on a mild cycle without the heart.

Charming Pet Pink Unicorn Dog Toy 

Charming Pet’s Magic Mats are a series of plush dog tug toys that your pooch is sure to like! These soft and cuddly dogs tug toys, inspired by legendary animals, are extremely sturdy. Made with K9 Tuff Guard Technology, this pink unicorn dog toy has a denier canvas inner, a nylon-fused backing, and double-stitched seams for added durability and longevity. 


  • It has seven tug-activated squeakers for optimum enjoyment. When your dog becomes rowdy, the twisted rope handles make it simple to grab.
  • Charming Pet’s Magic Mats are vibrantly colored plush tug-of-war dog toys that have seven squeakers that activate when dragged or pulled. Twisted rope grips give a secure grasp for roughhousing.
  • Charming Pet manufactures all of its dog toys using the patented K9 Tuff guard technology, which includes a denier canvas lining, a nylon-fused backing, and double-stitched seams for additional lifespan and durability.
  • Magical Mats unicorn dog toys are constructed of faux fur, which allows your canine to snuggle alongside their favorite tug-of-war pal.
  • Inspired by mythological creatures, Charming Pet’s Magic Mats collection contains a variety of cute plush animals perfect for tug-of-war enthusiasts!


Unicorn dog toys are a timeless favorite. Everyone has embraced the unicorn as a symbol of optimism, purity, and strangeness. The prospect of being receptive to new ideas, of taking a risk in life to form a link with a magical creature, is enticing. It is critical to create or renew myths that assist make sense of the world at each age while also being interesting and enjoyable. Our selection of unicorn dog toys will assist you in selecting the ideal option for your dog.

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